Fort Flagler Karate Weekend July 11, 12, 13  2014

From Master Hill:

Fort Flagler is an opportunity to meet many Sensei, visit with folks you competed with, enjoy the park, learn at some great seminars, get your meals cooked for you and have fun.  We do late Friday after noon 3:00 through 11 Am on Sunday. don't miss this year!

Further information will be coming, but the costs are embarrassingly low.  You will learn something that will stay with you for years, by coming out and taking advantage of this summer event.   The barracks have been upgraded so the bedsprings are new.  Just remember to bring a large linen blanket to hang over the front of your dormintory space for privacy, as this is an old army base, complete with mess hall!

There is also opportunity for games like vollyball, football, baseball, arts and crafts and scenic walks around the point at Fort Flager.

Fort Flagler 2014 Seminar Schedule